Every "why" has its "because".

Can I pay on credit?


It seems that Taro doesn't have any girlfriends.

The meeting will reconvene in two hours after a brief recess.

Winston was in an accident.

Neal disregarded my advice.

This word isn't used like that.

Molly has his arm in a cast.

The majority of the peasants living in this godforsaken village cannot read nor write.

We can do nothing for Jacques.

We should really sit down and talk.


What is our problem?

Margie motioned for me to sit down.

I got in touch with him.


Where is the cat?

There used to be a small bridge over the river 10 years ago.

You look a sorry sight.

What projects are you working on now?

Brodie has a pretty good idea who painted graffiti on his wall.

During the history test, she felt very sick, so she got a pass to go to the toilet.

They lent their house for the summer.


Ping doesn't make the rules.

I don't like families that quarrel amongst themselves.

Leave me alone.

I'd like to run a few more tests.

Sometimes translations do create ambiguity.

This information checks out all right.

The years passed by as fast as clouds in summer.

I think it's unlikely that I'll be able to pass my driving test.

Why didn't you make me stop?

What don't I understand?


He is known to the entire country.

I've never seen such a large whale.

It's no use trying to stick to the old ways.

I'm dying for a pizza.


Now that you are 18 years old, you should not do such a thing.

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Did you bring it home?

The team were quite nervous before the game.

It only makes you look ridiculous.

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It wasn't Doyle that he went to the museum with.


Family should always come first.

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When does spring begin?

Can you give me a good reason why I should hire you?

George promised to tell us one of his stories.

Frederic seldom visits Boston anymore.

I met him just as he was coming out of school.

We were just about to leave when it rained.

He sowed wheat in his field.

I'm Laotian.

Is this place secure?


When's the big day?

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I think Hillel is a bit eccentric.

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This meeting room needs to be repainted.

She had heard nothing from her agent for a month.

Chip pulled the curtain closed.


I was about to go out when the telephone rang.

What would Jesus do?

Leila told me that he wanted to buy his mother a pair of slippers.

Why don't you believe us?

I've suffered from an inferiority complex for several years.


Edward blamed himself for what happened.

Lynn dashed out of the room.

Do you approve of this?

Thank you for the lovely surprise!

Father is busy writing letters.

I'm really good with children.

Do you want to join me for lunch?

Isn't Per on your side?

That's an interesting study.

The population of Japan is one-eighth as that of China.

Housing could be obtained at a price.

I want you to think about how we can improve.

Stop resting your elbows on the table.

Her tears were just for effect.

I run before breakfast every morning.

I am from Shikoku.

Aimee is afraid of dying.

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I caught a glimpse of him from the bus.


You're a goner.


I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

I hate that guy.

I'm talking about them.


Excuse me, where's the Gents?

I hired Merton.

In case I don't survive, preserve my brain.


Stop beating a dead horse.

It's a big room.

Considering how long I've been studying French, I should be able to speak it better.


Let all your dreams come true.


I don't have sons.

I'm allergic to Panulirus japonicus.

It's a trap!

The man blew out his own brains.

That's actually perfect.

I feel it in my bones.

I've got to go to the police.

Please look after my cats while I'm away.

Elijah is working hard.

Let's meet for a drink.

Maybe we can work something out.

My hand is so numb with cold that I can't move my fingers.

How long does it take to get to the airport with the airport bus?

Carisa climbed into bed with his parents.

Choose what is right, not what is easy.

Don't you realize what Barbra is doing?

Vincenzo stabbed me in the back.

I've heard that Brett is planning to move to Boston.

Show, don't tell.

Whose bicycle did you want to borrow?

Even I was impressed with Kusum's singing.


Ramadoss was fed up with eating the low quality food provided by the prison.

All you have to do is study harder.

The food at the party was really quite good.

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Half-destroyed walls used to stand there.

He did it with us all with pleasure.

Let's move on to another topic.


As long as you're here, I'll stay.

I definitely want to go with Sally.

Ted wondered if Shannon would know what was wrong.

Darryl just stared at Ernie.

I scribbled down his address in the back of my diary.

It's just a hunch.

Dave has already figured it out.


Lois took the seat across from Dominick.

This can also cause lung cancer.

Let her show you how it's done.

Divide and rule!

They plan to get married tomorrow.

We have two cherry trees growing in the garden.

Joon got very agitated.

You'll get these, won't you?

The horse broke its neck when it fell.


It isn't easy to understand his ideas.

Christopher Columbus once cut himself with a knife. It made him so angry that he then cut the knife... with himself.

Would you do me a favor, Marci?

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Does that guy look familiar to you?


Do you have any idea how much it cost me to become a member here?


I was trying to do the right thing.


This show needs to come back.

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The boat drifted about on the sea.

I'm not one hundred percent convinced that's true.

Do you expect us to believe that?

She had to say goodbye to her hometown.

Should I be worried about him?


Japan is famous for her scenic beauty.

I have a boat and a car.

The sharp tone of his words chilled the atmosphere.

The question is not so much what it is as how it looks.

I can't let Mwa go alone.

Gunter and Lanny sat on the couch very close together.

It rained heavily.

We went aboard the ship at ten.

Let's eat grandma!

Is this everything?

It is amazing that you won the prize.

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I had to get all the facts before I could make a decision.

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I'm lusting after him.

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Don't forget about me.

What a strange woman!

We're sorry. The number you have reached is not in service.


Dan was a tow truck driver who worked at a local garage.

Vilhelm wouldn't have liked that.

Tareq had a date with Giovanni last night.